Ultra-thin 3D IC Heterogeneous Integration

Event: March 9th hear X-Celeprint speak at leading session at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in San Diego, CA

Micro-Transfer Printing

X-Celeprint’s Micro-Transfer Printing (MTP) technology improves Power, Performance, Area, Cost, Time-to-Market and Security (PPACTS) of high-performance computing, communications, mobile, automotive, industrial, medical, and defense systems.

Micro-Transfer Printing (MTP) creates 3D ICs with previously-unattainable levels of performance by stacking ultra thin die, termed x-chips, onto a host wafer/substrate in an efficient, massively parallel operation. MTP enables heterogeneous integration of a wide variety of devices, including RF and power transistors, hardware assurance features, photonics, sensors, capacitors, inductors, filters and antennas made using different process nodes and technologies, including GaN, GaAs, InP, SiGe and SOI.

MTP provides a critical tool-in-the-toolbox that supplements other heterogeneous integration capabilities by uniquely integrating large numbers of separately manufactured x-chips, each made using the best materials and technologies for its function, to create 3D ICs that fit seamlessly into the existing packaging and test ecosystem.

X-Celeprint licenses MTP technology globally for non-display applications. For display applications, please visit www.xdisplay.com