Micro-Transfer Printing Applications

Micro-Transfer Printing enables new levels of heterogenous integration, producing 3D ICs with significant performance benefits in a wide rage of areas:

  • InP laser printed on SOI Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), precision aligned to waveguide

Silicon Photonics

Micro-Transfer Printing can be used to build Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) with very efficient usage of valuable source materials, such as lasers, modulators, and detectors.


  • Efficient assembly of multiple heterogeneous materials Lasers, Modulators, Detectors, Driver ICs: analog and logic
  • Precision alignment at each step
    Efficient coupling of devices to waveguide wafers
  • Mass Transfer
    Scales to high device count as data demands continue to rise
  • Minimized device sizes
    Significant savings of expensive III-V materials


Micro-Transfer Printing can tightly integrate III-V HEMTs and passives on CMOS for compact ultra-high-performance RF ICs


  • Increase performance and power density Loosely packed x-chips on destination wafer improves thermal performance enabling larger HEMTs
  • Reduced Cost Tightly packed x-chips on source wafer

Power 3D-ICs

Micro-Transfer Printing can tightly integrate power transistors – UFETs and LFETs from a wide variety of materials – onto a silicon CMOS driver IC.


  • Increases switching frequency, density, transient response and system efficiency
    Tight integration of power transistors, drivers and passives minimizes parasitics
  • Enables high-performance multi-stage, multi-phase hybrid topologies
    Integration of multiple power transistors and drivers
  • Reduces cost
    Resulting from higher integration and density

Bolt-on Root-of-Trust for Hardware Assurance and Security

Micro-Transfer Printing provides security and authentication functions for high-mix, low-volume semiconductor hardware assurance.


  • DOD secure x-chip fabrication & printing
    Post-processing allows for ‘bolt-on’ security for COTS parts
  • Provides hardware-based quantifiable assurance for cutting edge ICs produced in untrusted fabs
  • μTP allows for dis-aggregated arrays of security x-chips. Further obfuscate functionality
  • Bolt-on x-chips embedded in trusted facilities